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About Lake Armington and the Lake Association


Lake Armington sits at the foot of Piermont Mountain, fed by its streams and natural springs.  Small and relatively shallow it has only 143 acres with a maximum depth of about 32 feet. Its waters test in the top 2% cleanest lakes in New Hampshire.


Lake Armington's water flows into neighboring Lake Tarleton from a dam outlet at its northeastern end, and from there into Eastman Brook through Piermont, NH then onward to the Connecticut River.


Preserving the pristine water quality of the lake, and the watershed, is the major concern of Lake Armington Association members and friends, and focus for our programs.


Lake Armington with Mt. Moosilauke in the distance


About Lake Armington Association (LAA)

The Lake Armington Association was organized in 1972 to preserve the quality of the environment of Lake Armington and surrounding land, promote enjoyment of the Lake for recreation, rest and relaxation, and encourage good feeling among those who enjoy the beauty of the Lake area. We have a 40+ year history of lake stewardship through hands-on programs and educating lake-goers.


LAA's Mission & Purpose

1. Promote stewardship of and monitor Lake Armington and its surrounding land area to preserve and protect its many qualities as a natural resource.

2. Educate its membership, the community, and the general public on the proper environmental preservation and use of Lake Armington and its surrounding land,

3. Assist in and support the work of federal, state and local authorities in protecting Lake Armington's ecology with respect to water purity and its natural populations of fish, water birds and other wildlife.

4. Educate its membership, the community and the general public using the water body about the boating rules and regulations, both state and local, pertaining to Lake Armington, and encourage all to comply with them.

5. Promote and assist in other events and activities that advance the purity, safety and recreational value of Lake Armington and collaborate with other organizations in endeavors that further the purposes of LAA. (March 2012)

2019 Board of Directors Program & Project Leaders
Lynn Dennison, President Lynn DeMerchant, Lake Host Program
Shirley Nicol, Vice President Laurie Gramlich, Lake Host Program
Kate Merritt, Treasurer Linda Kline, Weed Watchers Program
Sam Rounds, Recording Sec. Mike Poole, Water Quality Program
Arline Cochrane, Corresponding Sec. Alice Wellington, Website & Directory
Polly Tafrate, Past President Carlos Manrique, Ice-Out Contest
Lynn DeMerchant Richard and Lynn DeMerchant, Ice Out Contest
Carlos Manrique Todd Langley, Ice Out Contest
Bill Musty Bob Dennison, Dam Bureau Liaison
Ken Settel  
Ann Soloway  
Alice Wellington  

Supporting our Mission - Members and Friends of the Lake

Members and Friends of the lake help keep our lake as pristine as it is today for the future. Lake Armington Association annual membership dues support our basic activities. Donations support programs like Lake Host. Pay by check or online.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the key to keeping our lake healthy today for our enjoyment tomorrow.  Our Lake Host, Weed Watcher, Water Quality Testing programs all require volunteer participation to be successful. Time commitment is reasonable and training is provided. Ask about family/group participation. Contact one of the program leaders today.


Lake Armington Association (LAA) is a Member of:

Loon Preservation Committee

NH Lakes Association


LAA Web Site - Member Communications

The LAA web site communicates LAA news and information to Lake Armington Association members and friends, and educates lake visitors on our environmental issues. Your photos of the lake are welcome.  Contact LAA webmaster Alice Wellington at .



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