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Boating on Lake Armington


Inspect for Aquatic Invasive Species before you Launch

Keep our lake invasive-species free!  Check your power boat and trailer, kayak/canoe/rowboat, and sports gear for aquatic invasive species before launching. See more on NH's Clean/Drain/Dry practices at NH Lakes.


Boating in the Narrows - 150' Rule & No Wake Zone

Operators of power boats must observe the 150' rule around the lake and be alert, especially in the Narrows, for underwater rocks, large boulders, logs, and other submerged obstructions. Most are unmarked, and boaters unfamiliar with the lake are especially at risk of collision. The Narrows is a No Wake Zone.


Personal Watercraft - not permitted on the lake by NH State Law

Motorized personal watercraft are not allowed on Lake Armington by NH State Law, and citations will be issued. A notice to this effect is posted at the public boat launch.


NH Boat Registration

See the NH DMV website for Boat Registration.


Boating Safety Basics

Boating Safety basic rules are posted at public launches and online See the NH Boater's education requirements.


Power boats must travel at No Wake/headway speed (6 mph) within 150 feet of:

1. Shore

2. Swimmers

3. Permitted swimming areas

4. Rafts, floats

5. Docks

6. Mooring fields

7. Sailboats, kayaks, canoes, rowboats, etc.

8. Other vessels


Every power boat operator should know these rules and must have a NH Boating Education Certificate.


"Living at the Lake" - Info on Lake Armington for your guests

LAA has created some information about the lake for residents to provide their guests and tenants to keep our lake clean and our boating activities safe. For posting in camps and cottages!  Living at the Lake Guidelines.



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