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Dues and Donations - Protect the Lake


Membership Dues and Donations are critically needed now to protect our lake from aquatic invasive species:  weeds (like Variable and Eurasian milfoil) and animals (like Zebra mussels).


Nearby lakes, such as Hall's Lake in Newbury, VT, Lakes Morey and Fairlee in Fairlee, VT, and Post Pond in Lyme, NH, are infested with Eurasian milfoil.  Property owners must spend many thousands of dollars a year on weed control, complete eradication is unlikely. 


Your generous contributions fund lake protection through the Lake Host program. 92% of the LAA 2018 budget went to pay for the Lake Host program. Your continued support will help increase Lake Host coverage and build a 'war chest' against future infestation.


Protection is the name of the game for a clean lake like Lake Armington.  Please give as generously as you can.  Thank you.


Not sure if you've contributed this year?  Here's our contributors list as of October 15, 2018.


DUES for 2018 - Join or renew your annual LAA membership. Lake property owners, their adult family members and Friends of the lake are welcome to join. Only members may vote at the Annual Meeting.


2018 Annual Membership Dues - Individual $20, Family $40
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DONATIONS - We depend on your generous donations to pay for Lake Host and invasive weed/species lake protection and education programs. Please give at the same level as last year, or greater.


If your workplace has a Matching Gifts program, you can double your impact for the lake. The LAA FID# is 02-0351296.


Donation Levels - $25, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1,000 or Other Amount
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Thank you to Lake Armington Association Members and Friends!

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