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Lake Host Program 2019

Contact Lynn DeMerchant, Lake Host coordinator at 764-9461

Contact Lynn to join the team as a volunteer Lake Host Inspector.

See NH Lakes Association about the statewide Lake Host program.


Lake Host Program at Lake Armington

The Lake Host Program at Lake Armington is part of a statewide prevention program through NH Lakes Association to combat the spread of aquatic invasive species, including milfoil and zebra mussel.


Why Lake Host?

To protect this beautiful lake for future enjoyment. Invasive species cling to boats, kayaks and gear, traveling from contaminated lakes/rivers to infest clean bodies of water, like Lake Armington.


Once aquatic invasive species take hold they grow rapidly and permanently damage a formerly pristine body of water. Eradication is very costly, just ask property owners on lakes nearby (see list below). Prevention is the key.


What Lake Hosts Do

Lake Hosts greet boaters at public boat launches and inspect boats, boat trailers and other watercraft. Lake Hosts are at Lake Armington's public boat launch at peak times each season.


Who are 2019 Lake Hosts at Lake Armington?

Lake Hosts this year are Nick Boyce and Peter Alford, as well as senior camp volunteers from Camp Walt Whitman.  Laurie Gramlich is Lake Host manager. They greet boaters at public boat launch and inspect boats, boat trailers and other watercraft. Lake Hosts are on duty at peak times through Columbus Day.


When Lake Hosts are not available, a Handout and information on infested water bodies is at the public boat launch.


What Boaters Can Do

Check your power boat and trailer, kayak/canoe/rowboat, and sports gear for aquatic invasive species before launching from your dock, private launch site or public boat launch. See more on NH's Clean/Drain/Dry practices at NH Lakes.


Local Infestations

Lakes and rivers nearby are infested with aquatic invasive weeds:

Water Body Location
Post Pond Lyme NH
Mascoma Lake Enfield NH
Round Pond Newbury VT
Halls Lake Newbury VT
Ticklenaked Pond Ryegate VT
Lake Morey Fairlee VT
Lake Fairlee Fairlee VT
Connecticut River Many towns
Ompompanoosuc River Thetford & W. Fairlee VT
Squam Lakes Ashland & Holderness, NH
Lake Winnipesaukee Many towns


Complete Lists of Infested Water Bodies in NH and VT

Infested Water Bodies in NH   Infested Water Bodies in VT



Looking South through the Narrows


Program Funding

Lake Host Program is a state-wide program administered by NH Lakes Association.  The Lake Armington Lake Host program receives a grant from NH Lakes Association for paid Lake Host time that must be matched with volunteer hours. The Town of Piermont provides $150 a year for Lake Armington's Lake Host program.


Your contributions are the largest funding source.

Lake Armington's Lake Host program could not exist without the generous annual contributions from Lake Armington Association members and friends of the lake.



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