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Water Quality Testing Program 2019

Contact Mike Poole at 989-5352

See NH Volunteer Lake Assessment Program (VLAP) for more information.


Lake Armington consistently tests in the top 2% cleanest in the state. Water samples are taken in June, July and August and processed at the state lab.


Mike Poole leads the project and reports results at the LAA Annual Meeting, In August 2018 the water clarity was 5.5 meters, about the average seen in past years. The e.coli bacteria levels were tested in five sites around the lake and results came back well below the state average.


Water Quality Testing Results

Just how clean is Lake Armington water?   See how our Water Quality Testing program results stack up with other lakes and ponds in the Volunteer Lake Assessment Program's (VLAP) Annual Reports on the State of NH DES website.


Brad Caswell's 2014 Lake Armington Water Quality Report and Water Quality Graphs show and explain long-term trends from 1987 through 2013.


Acid Rain Impact on Water Quality

Good news. View Brad Caswell's summary and graph showing reduction in acid rain impact at Lake Armington 1987 to present.


Also see the Docs & Maps page for all Lake Armington Reports and Maps.


Aerial View of Lakes Armington, Tarleton and Katherine

(provided by Barb and Kelly Fitzpatrick)



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