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LAKE HEADLINES - September 1, 2015


Annual Meeting & Picnic News

About 40 people enjoyed Potluck Picnic fare before the Annual Meeting on the Mess Hall porch overlooking the lake at Camp Walt Whitman on Sunday August 16.


The Annual Meeting itself first focused on two local lake's struggle with Milfoil, many thanks to speakers Mitzi Queen and David Kazan from Hall's Lake (Newbury, VT) and Skip Brown from Lake Fairlee (Fairlee, VT) who talked about their respective Milfoil Eradication projects.


Take-away message: once a lake is infested the battle with Milfoil is never done, and it costs many thousands of dollars just to control its spread.


The E911 program was next with Town of Piermont representatives on hand. Bernie Marvin E911 Program Director spoke about the need for consistent house numbering, so that EMTs, police and fire fighters can quickly locate the right house in an emergency.


Selectman Randy Subjeck, Police Chief Gary Hebert, E911 Deputy Tim Cole and FAST Squad Captain Ellen Putnam were available for Q&A as well. A town ordinance supporting E911 home numbering will be voted upon by the Board of Selectmen this month.


Finally for our business meeting, board members and project leaders reported on Lake Host, Weed Watchers, Water Quality programs and LAA finances. All are in good shape. We contacted the State Dam Bureau on dam reconstruction plans for the lake (now in planning stages), and will keep folks updated.


LAA will donate to the Town of Piermont Santa Claus Fund this year. Sales of mugs and tote bags are going well (and still available, see below). Ice-Out Contest winners (see below) received their prizes, and the assembled LAA members voted to renew four board members to new 2-year terms. Details will follow in the meeting minutes.


Lake Armington Tote Bags and Mugs

Introducing Lake Armington Tote Bags for your lake stuff or shopping trip, an ample 15"x15.75" in natural cotton, $10 each.


Lake Armington Mugs sold out last season, and are back by popular demand for kitchen or gifts, $10 each.


Pick them up from Carlos Manrique or Polly Tafrate while you're at the lake, or buy them at the Four Corners Store in Piermont or the Burning Bush in Warren. All sales benefit Lake Armington Association.

Our 11 oz coffee mug with lake logo, dish washer safe, for kitchen or gifts, $10 Our ample 15"x15.75" cotton tote bag with lake logo on both sides, $10



2015 LAA Directories - now available by email

This year when members pay their lake association dues, LAA Directories are available by email as a PDF document. The idea is to make the Directory more available and readable  for our members.


The familiar Directory booklets are still available to members who don't use email, either at the lake or by USPS mail. For info contact


LAA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for July

The LAA Board of Directors meeting was held July 12, and here are the meeting minutes.


Updates on our Programs

Lake Hosts perform courtesy boat inspections at the public launch from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends. Contact Polly Tafrate or Evie Conroy to volunteer.


Weed Watchers monitor the lake for invasive aquatic weeds & species throughout the season. Contact Evie Conroy to volunteer, including teens and young people.


Water Quality testing happens once a month during the summer season. Contact Mike Poole.


LAA Directory and Email List Update

Have your address, email or phone numbers changed in the past year?

Would you like to join the LAA mailing list?

Send your current info to LAA, updates now happen continuously

New 2015 LAA Directories available now to members by email or paper booklet.


ICE OUT ON LAKE ARMINGTON - Tuesday April 28 at 2:36 pm!

4th Annual Ice Out Contest winners are:

1st prize Linda Michelsen

2nd prize Alice Wellington

3rd prize Ken Settel

Thank you to everyone who participated. We had 107 entries, the most ever! Congratulations to the winners!


Ice Out Dates (and winners) from past LAA Ice Out Contests

March 22, 2012 at 5:58 pm:  1st Sam Rounds, 2nd Gino Theberge, 3rd Vickie Davis

April 16, 2013 at 3:33 pm: 1st John Manrique, 2nd Cindy Langley, 3rd Charlie Davis

April 24, 2014 at 9:45 am: 1st Sam Rounds, 2nd Wendy Cahill, 3rd Ken Settel


Spring at the Lake Armington Boat Launch


Fall Newsletter 2014

The LAA Fall Newsletter is here for you to read and download. If you'd like to join our mailing list, contact


Emergency Response Follow-up

The Piermont Fire Department and Emergency Management visited neighborhoods at Lake Armington, including Sirecho Shores and Cottage Roads, so they're better able to locate the properties at the lake promptly in case of an emergency call. They also brought in their pumper truck to scout how well it could handle the narrow roads and where it could turn around.


E911 Program in Piermont

In 2015 the nationwide E911 program begins its roll-out in Piermont to upgrade emergency services and improve reliability and response time. Many addresses and property numbers all over town will be changed to achieve consistency, including those at the lake. Bernie Marvin, Emergency Management Director, is in charge of the program.


Common Reed (Phragmites) Eradication report

The Common Reed project was completed September 4 with the final eradication treatment. Brad Caswell's Common Reed Eradication project summary and recommendations are available here. A good read on a critical project.


Acid Rain Impact at Lake Armington

Good news. View Brad Caswell's summary and graph showing reduction in acid rain impact at Lake Armington 1987 to present.


Notes from Summer 2014

1. The Annual Meeting and Picnic on Saturday August 16 drew about 38 people for socializing, discussion and great food. Piermont Board of Selectmen chair Colin Stubbings and Tim Cole of the Piermont Fire Department spoke about emergency response issues. Annual Meeting Minutes.

2. Brad Caswell's 2014 Lake Armington Water Quality Report and related Water Quality Graphs are now available, and show long-term trends in Lake Armington's water quality based on samples taken from 1987 through 2013.

. July 8 LAA Board of Directors meeting minutes and June Newsletter are here.

Your dues and generous donations are needed now to support the Lake Host program, our first-line defense against non-native invasive species getting into the lake. Please contribute today online or by check, see the Dues/Donate page.


Where's the Info?  See the Docs & Maps page for:

Weed ID Photos

Weed Watcher Maps

Water Quality Reports


Meeting Minutes

A history of Summer Camps on Lake Armington from 1915 onward


See Dues & Donations page to contribute.


Loon on Lake Armington (Katie Davis)
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