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LAKE HEADLINES - November 10, 2015


What's New

Dam reconstruction work for Lake Armington's dam is currently scheduled for 2017.  LAA's Bob Dennison is monitoring developments with the State of NH Dam Bureau and will keep us informed.


The LAA Ice Out Contest will become a 50/50 Ice Out Raffle in 2016, so watch for details after the New Year.  The Raffle happens in March 2016.


The LAA Fall Newsletter has gone out to lake Armington members and friends by email and USPS. You may also download it here.


Donations to LAA are still welcome and needed to support our programs next year, and details are on the Dues/Donations page.  Many thanks to everyone who has given so far this year.


Annual Meeting in August

The Annual Meeting opened with Mitzi Queen and David Kazan from Hall's Lake and Skip Brown from Lake Fairlee telling us of their ongoing battle with Milfoil. Their message: once a lake is infested the battle with Milfoil is never done, and it costs many thousands of dollars just to control its spread. Prevention is the key.


The E911 program was next with Town of Piermont representatives on hand. Bernie Marvin E911 Program Director spoke about the need for consistent house numbering, so that EMTs, police and fire fighters can quickly locate the right house in an emergency.


Finally we discussed Lake Host, Weed Watchers, Water Quality programs and LAA finances. All are in good shape. Here are the Annual Meeting minutes.



LAA Directory and Email List Update

Have your address, email or phone numbers changed in the past year?

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Send your current info to LAA, updates now happen continuously

New 2015 LAA Directories available now to members by email.


ICE OUT ON LAKE ARMINGTON - Tuesday April 28 at 2:36 pm!

4th Annual Ice Out Contest winners are:

1st prize Linda Michelsen

2nd prize Alice Wellington

3rd prize Ken Settel

Thank you to everyone who participated. We had 107 entries, the most ever! Congratulations to the winners!


Ice Out Dates (and winners) from past LAA Ice Out Contests

March 22, 2012 at 5:58 pm:  1st Sam Rounds, 2nd Gino Theberge, 3rd Vickie Davis

April 16, 2013 at 3:33 pm: 1st John Manrique, 2nd Cindy Langley, 3rd Charlie Davis

April 24, 2014 at 9:45 am: 1st Sam Rounds, 2nd Wendy Cahill, 3rd Ken Settel


Lake Armington Boat Launch


Where's the Info?  See the Docs & Maps page for:

Weed ID Photos

Weed Watcher Maps

Water Quality Reports


Annual Meeting Minutes

A history of Summer Camps on Lake Armington from 1915 onward


See Dues & Donations page to contribute.


Loon on Lake Armington (Katie Davis)
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