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LAKE HEADLINES - July 4, 2019


LAA Annual Meeting & Picnic is Saturday June 6, 12 noon-3pm

40 Musty Lane off Cape Moonshine Road


The Musty-Faustinis are hosting this year's Annual Meeting and Picnic on Saturday July 6 from 12noon to 3:00pm with a featured speaker, Loon Preservation Committee Staff Biologist Carolyn Hughes.


Please bring a dish to share and folding chair. We will provide a brief review of lake projects, answer any questions you may have, and collect annual dues/donations (dues are $20/person, $40 for two people or family by check or cash).


Directions to 40 Musty Lane - take Cape Moonshine Road to Cottage Road to Musty Lane. Or arrive by boat.


At the meeting you may also sign up for Weed Watcher's Training on July 19 given by Dept. of Environmental Services (DES). Training is free and advance sign-up is required. Contact Linda Kline.


Lake Host and Weed Watchers Program News

Lynn DeMerchant is Lake Host program coordinator and Laurie Gramlich is Lake Host manager this year. Nick Boyce and Peter Alford are returning Lake Hosts. Volunteer Lake Host Inspectors are needed, please contact Lynn DeMerchant at for all details.


Linda Kline is coordinating Weed Watchers, with volunteers James and Deborah Jensen, Kathy Soloway, Lynn DeMerchant and Lynn Dennison. More Weed Watcher volunteers are needed, please contact Linda Kline at for complete info. 


Loons on Lake Armington - Keeping Loons Safe

A pair of LOONS is on Lake Armington again this year, and we want to keep them safe during their summer stay when they nest and hopefully raise chick(s).


Many boaters, swimmers, and camera folks have been naturally curious to see the loons, but often get too close for the loon family's comfort.  Loons need their space for the chick to grow to maturity and be ready for fall migration.


Loons get stressed when we get too close and show their stress by sounding their "tremolo" alarm call (like "crazy laughter") and rearing up flapping/splashing with their wings (they're saying "go away").


What we can do to keep the LOONS safe

1. Get no closer than 150 feet to the loons.  They may move closer to you, but you should not approah or follow them.

2. Be alert to loon "body language," alarm calls and other signs of distress.

3. Use binoculars or you camera's zoom to view loons up close.

4. Tell your renters, summer guests and family members about 

5. Look for Loon Facts from the Loon Preservation Committee (in Moultonborough, NH)

s, email or phone numbers changed since last year?


FYI, the Lake Armington Association is a long-time member of the Loon Preservation Committee (LPC), and lake residents have partiipated in its annual loon count for many years.  Ken Settel and Linda Kline are the present LPC contacts. Lynn DeMerchant is coordinating loon-related communications.


Moose on the Loose along Rte 25C

Bob and Lynn Dennison spotted this female moose browsing along Rte 25C Tuesday

May 14 and snapped this photo from their car! 


See the Spring Newsletter for the full story and more!


Ice-Out Contest

This year's Ice-Out happened Thursday April 25 at 11:27 AM bringing a promise of springtime to the lake. Contest winners are First Prize Bob Dennison, Second Prize Tim Donelon and Third Prize Polly Tafrate. Congratulations!


Many thanks to the Ice-Out Team Carlos Manrique, Todd Langley and Richard and Lynn DeMerchant who tabulated participants' guesses and took care of the ice-out clock at the lake. We began the Ice-Out Contest in 2012 and all results are below.


Lake Armington Ice-Out Dates & Times since 2012

2019 - April 25 at 11:27 am

2018 - May 1 at 5:17 am

2017 - April 19 at 12:55 pm

2016 - March 20 at 9:46 am

2015 - April 28 at 2:36 pm

2014 - April 24 at 9:45 am

2013 - April 16 at 3:33 pm

2012 - March 22 at 5:58 pm


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Your support funds LAA's environmental protection programs like Lake Host and Weed Watchers. To join and donate, see the Dues/Donate page where you can pay online.


You may also send your check to: Lake Armington Association  P.O. Box 143  Piermont, NH 03779

Your contributions are vital to protecting the lake and are tax-deductible.Many thanks to everyone who supported LAA in 2018!


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